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As humans, we have a tendency to form habits, or patterns. Sometimes, patterns are good and positive, for example developing a habit of walking three miles every day. Other times, patterns are a necessity, such as leaving the house at the same time each day to go to work. Sometimes, we form patterns without realising what we are doing, and before we know it, we apply them to every aspect in our lives. That is when things can get out of hand…

Often, it is simply a matter of stepping back, detaching from the ego, and looking for any kind of particular behaviour within ourselves. This is really hard to do alone because the vast majority of us has trouble with detaching emotionally, and it becomes difficult to see those often destructive patterns.

Hooks, Cords, and Attachments from Outside Sources

Then there are people who, often unknowingly, place energetic hooks in someone to have constant access to their life force. If we are willingly holding someone in energetic terms, no problem. Of course we hold space for our loved one who feels off, for our child who has just experienced their first love, or for a friend who is having a rough time.

But if someone places these emotional hooks unknown to us, we do not get to decide whether or not to share our life force with someone else; someone else simply takes it. Quite often, the ones who do place them are people we do not really want to interact with because we know it leads to nothing but frustration or emotional discomfort, and the hooks ensure that we continue to interact with them, either in the physical by seeing or speaking with them, or in the astral. None of that is acceptable because we never gave consent to give away our own life force.

These hooks and cords and attachments can cause havoc to our lives. We find ourselves trapped in situations, feel perpetually exhausted, and start wondering what on earth is going on, or perhaps even fear some incurable illness developing. Of course the more we dwell on such thoughts, the more likely we bring them upon ourselves because everything starts with a thought, and the stronger the thought pattern, the stronger the physical manifestation.

Spiritual Enabling

Spiritual enabling is taking the quantum approach, accepting that everything is connected, no matter how seemingly far fetched. Once we connect the dots, we can figure out the path to take, and once we know the cause, we have the power to direct the effects. We can leave our inner victim and other programming behind and step into our own power and rise to our full potential, focusing on living the life we want.

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