about cloud

Claudia (pronounced cloud-ia) is a spiritual being, often quite bewildered by what most people call real world. Occasionally her own findings regarding said real world surprise her, such as discovering what can only be described as an energetic overlay.

She is stubborn at times, relentless in her search for truth, and has worked for aeons to dispel fear. The unknown and unseen fascinate her rather than instil fear, and many beings regard her as a friend.

When the body she inhabits was still quite young, Claudia began to figure out a healthy way of life encompassing a lifestyle that included sensible exercise such as walking  or swimming, a healthy diet as devoid of processes, additives or energetic traces of suffering as possible, and an attitude of gratitude, leaving behind any programming of the victim “why me?” mode.

Music, especially the works of Mozart, Beethoven, and Sibelius, has always played an significant part in her life. Learning about the healing effects of diatonic harmonics only confirmed to her the importance of music, which played a great part in her own healing and led her to look into the interconnectedness of everything. She became a Reiki master in 1999 and has extensively studied various healing modalities.

If you would like to book a session addressing spiritual matters, untangling any patterns that keep you stuck in the same position over and over again, or to gain a more quantum perspective of your current situation, please contact Claudia at the address below.

She has always loved writing, in her native tongue German at first and later, once her command of the English language had sufficiently improved, in English. When she discovered Harry Potter fan fiction, she could not resist the pull to write her own story about magic in the Potterverse, all of which can be found on The Petulant Poetess.

Claudia is co-founder of Earth Empaths and contributes irregularly to the site under the name karelia. Occasionally her articles are picked up by other websites, such as Wakeup World. She has also participated in conversations and panels about recent history, predatory artificial intelligence, and many spiritual subjects on youtube.

Contact: riseloveshine [at] gmail [dot] com