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Autumn Time – Elderberry Time

Elderberry Time As I walked through both cityscape and parks, I saw many, many elderberry bushes full of fruit. I started to take a basket on my wanderings and picked many, always ensuring to...

Out of the Linear Into the Quantum 0

Moving out of the Linear Into the Quantum

Into the Quantum When we speak, we manipulate energy. Often, if not most of the time, we do so unconsciously. But if this fact enters out consciousness and we begin to use words with...

quick pick-me-up meditation 0

Quick Pick-me-up Meditation

It doesn’t take much to get out of the typical other-people-caused funk we often find ourselves in. Sometimes, hearing a bird sing from the top of the roof will return us instantly into a...


Sauerkraut and Other Fermented Foods

Sauerkraut The lady wrinkles her nose. “I can’t stand sauerkraut,” she says. I nod, hoping to look somewhat empathic. Too many people have waxed rhapsodic about their dislike of sauerkraut whenever the subject of...


Health-Enhancing Foods: Mushrooms

Nature at her Best For many people, mushrooms are a love or hate relationship; hardly anyone I’ve met is completely indifferent to them. Some abhor the texture, some don’t like the colour, some find...

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More Than Flavour in the Kitchen Cupboard

Clean Living, Saving Money We commonly add spices to food we make, perhaps not just for flavour but for health reasons as well, but fewer people utilise them for anything else. Many buy expensive...


Of Sunsets and Waterfalls

Yesterday was one of those rare days with genuine summery weather here in the North of England. Somehow just basking in the heat during the day would have ended the day too abruptly, so...


Creativity – It’s in the Human Nature

Not Just Arts and Crafts Many people don’t think they are creative because they do not engage in any of the conventional – or what is considered thus – creative endeavours, such as drawing,...

The Sky is Alive 0

The Sky is Alive

Sometimes, all it takes to bring some awe into our lives is to look up.